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Pocket Guide

The pocket guide was intended as a quick reference for students. It gives a brief explanation of typography concepts, helpful tips and information as well as where to find good resources. My main influence for the final design was the work of Joe White (of Ye Olde Studio). To reflect the grand history of type I thought it would be appropriate to make the guide look like an old book – assuming fellow typography enthusiasts also love the look and feel of aged paper.

To create the background texture I scanned an old book from the 1800s. I then took the scans into Photoshop, added some texture and dropped it to a duotone. Our brief for this assignment required us to use only two colours including black.

I did a few test prints some on 100gsm SRA3 paper but in the end I used standard A3 size on 80gsm, the smaller size and lighter paper gave it a better overall feel. I grabbed my tripod, as well as some white card and foam board for a backdrop and took some shots. I later sharpened and adjusted the photos in Photoshop.