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The Short

My name is Jalyn Bryce and I am an all-round Graphic Designer who is based in Sydney. I have a Advanced Diploma in Game Development and a Diploma of Graphic Design. Currently I am working in Design and Print Production as well as a Freelance Designer providing a range of services. I also have recently received a Statement of Attainment in UI/UX Design, which I am currently using these skills to build a website for a group called Miklagard.  If you’re interested in working with me, please head over to contact page.

The Long

I was born and raised in suburbs of Sydney, and not so long ago decided to change careers and follow the path of Graphic Design which I have long had a whispering passion for. I’ve always enjoyed dabbling with technology, constantly trying to find a better and new way to do something. Same with goes for Art, even since high school. Never quite understanding, the students beside me creating work for nothing, but I always wanted to use art to solve a problem, to make something clearer, more appealing, easier to read or just simply to make a personalised gift or birthday card. Little did I know those powers combined could lead me to a journey of Graphic Design.

When I first left school I went to college to study 3D animation. I did this at AIE in Ultimo. In the second year of study I found myself choosing to specialise in Game Development, tapping into the art and tech side I enjoyed – especially in the final 6 months where the artists and the programmers got to form teams to build a game together. This was the birth of the game Clo. Check it out here.

After college I got a job at JB Hi-Fi – selling video games of course. Little did I know that this later help me discover what I really wanted to do. What I loved about working at JB (besides getting to talk about video games for a living) was when I was running the games department I was able to merchandise the section and hand-write signage to match, creating fun, appealing displays. After spending a few years at JB HiFi I found a short course at TAFE for graphic design, and thought I would give it a go. Not long after I was dropping down to casual work and studying full time.

During my time at TAFE I finally gave away my job at JB HiFi and jumped ship to an Officeworks store where they had an opening for the printing department. As part of my Diploma of Graphic Design I was leaning to design for print, so I thought this opening at Officeworks would be an ideal stepping stone to learn a bit more of how printing actually worked (this also lead me to discover my love of paper).

After finishing up with TAFE I was lucky enough to score a job at the NSW Print warehouse for Officeworks as a Design and Productions team member. This is where I get to do a wide range of tasks, from small to large quantity print jobs; ranging from invitations and flyers to large format. I also get to work in Prepress which is the filter from submitted jobs to the actual printers. So I get to look at each job and either add bleed, move text away from edges and general fixing before shooting it off to print. And of course I get to work in the design team as well. This is where I get to have the most fun. The Design role ranges from typesetting templates right through to creating new designs from a broad range of customer briefs.

Now as a Full-time design team member at I am more involved with creating print templates for the website, using the software XMPie. I am also assisting with the re-platform of the website and converting the current templates to the new software.

While puddling away at Officeworks I have found myself helping out here and there with freelance work. This is where I love getting to use my skills to help people achieve the look they need. One of my main clients is the company Hooked Marketing where I give the team a hand with updating client’s website content and weekly emails with MailChimp.

It’s just the start of this exciting journey and I hope to continue it to full stride.